About iFindit

What Is “It”?

iFindit is a mobile application allowing users to easily find the following resources in their community:

For Whom is “It”?

The application aims to assist social workers, case managers, providers and residents.  iFindit was built to serve Chicagoans by providing quick information regarding access to food, shelter and medical care in their area.

How “It” Works:

The application’s availability on mobile devices allows residents to obtain information from anywhere.  By clicking on the appropriate tab (food, shelter or medical supplies) the user will be shown a list of locations available in their area.  From there, the end user can see what type of payment is accepted, whether it is WIC or SNAP eligible or free along with location, hours of operation or direct phone number.

The application is part of Apps for Metro Chicago, a competition for developers to create new applications that will service the city in a way that technology has not done previously.

8 Comments to “About iFindit”

  1. This app is simply awesome. I’ve never used it, as I live in Tennessee. I wish we had an app here like that. But the idea of bringing the needy to those that can fulfill those needs, and making it easy for the needy to do so, is needed everywhere these days.

    • Thank you Don. We are considering expanding the app but it’s important to get more buyin , in the community first. I’m working with homeless coalitions and the concept is being well received. The budget for homeless in chicago has been cut by 90% in the last 5 years. Rough times…we aim to help.

  2. Shouldn’t there be a link to a “help wanted” section so that these people might possibly be able to get themselves off of the homeless and public assistance lines? Good work and congratulations on good results so far.

  3. Any plans to move it to an iphone or ipad platform?

  4. Is the ifindit ap available for iphone?

  5. Bonnie, Lisa,

    It’s in the works (iphone and ipad) but we are trying to build capacity on the Android mobile device.


  6. I would like to send Elizabeth Park a letter. Could you please tell me the phone, address and email address for Elizabeth Park at ifindit? Thank you.

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