Food Insecurity

The term “food insecure” is used frequently when addressing the issue of hunger.  And unless you work in that particular field, you may find yourself feeling knowledge-insecure about what it actually means.  Well, simply put, food insecure means that a person is not confident about where they will find their next meal.

It may seem hard to believe that in the great metropolis of Chicago, teeming with revered restaurants and a sought-after food scene, that 1 out of 4 children are considered food insecure.

Who is helping:

Food pantries have been a long-time staple that holds together resources and security.  According to the Food and Agriculture Operations of the United Nations (FAO), “Food assistance helps build the basis for long-term food security, and is particularly important in countries in protracted crisis.”  And while the FAO is dealing with hunger on a global scale, food insecurity presents itself in our own backyards.

One of FAO’s recommended actions to enhance food security is to “promote local institutions that support livelihoods.”*  This is what we hope to achieve with iFindit – to help Chicagoans by highlighting service organizations in different parts of the city.

A Challenge:

How many food pantries are in your community?  First, try to find them.  Second, tell us what you discover.  The answer may surprise you.

*Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations (2010, October).  The State of Food Insecurity in the World; Addressing Food Insecurity in Protracted Crisis.  Presented at Economic and Social Development Department 
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


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