iFindit – The Offical Android App!

iFindit’s new Android app is available through Android market place!

All it needs is a water mark to be any more official.

We have been working fervently to create an app to meet the growing needs of Chicago’s community.    You will be able to search from over 2,500 food pantries, farmers’ markets, medical clinics and shelters.   We’re working to connect people quickly to the resources they need and build it using City of Chicago data as well as information from Feeding America and Greater Chicago Food Depository.   Our application will be featured on the Apps for Metro Chicago contest website.  Here is a peek at the application:pdf of ifinditapp

We Need Your Opinion!

We’re looking for testers and for more feedback so we can make this the most usable and practical tool for people in need.    Please take a couple of minutes to download it, test it and share your feedback with elizabeth@ifinditchicago.com.

"Yeah, I'm looking at you! But seriously, are you cool with trying the app? It's like really easy and fast."


2 Comments to “iFindit – The Offical Android App!”

  1. Thank you for mentioning Feeding America in your post. Thank you for the support!

    – Ryan Young (www.feedingamerica.org)

  2. IDBI…while its true some of the us(the homeless population) hv cell phns, most of us dont hv wifi capability, but it would b GR8 if John Q Public used it to notify services like hypothermia, mental health, etc. of our where abouts.

    Or use it to inform us(the homeless population) of the location of services, but to do that John Q Public would hv 2 speak to/acknowledge us… hmmm

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