Turning Chicago’s Food Deserts into an Oasis of Better Food Options

Finding more food options including farmers markets in Chicago

The twitter and online universe is abuzz today  about Michelle Obama and Mayor Ram hosting a food summit here in Chicago to tackle the longstanding issues of food deserts in neighborhoods.

 How can over 600,000  Chicagoans not have access to healthy food options? (source David Heinzmann , Chicago Tribune October 25).

Think that’s unacceptable? Well, we do too and now it seems,  people are mobilizing around this endemic problem and with the help of high profile Chicagoans, like First Lady Obama and Ram Emanuel the problem is starting to be addressed. According to a recent article by  Grocers are being incentivized to move in ‘food deserts’ and corporations like Kraft and WalMart are going to build or retrofit buildings to allow for more healthy options.   It’s a start, it doesn’t necessarily change behavior overnight, but access is a first step.

At iFinditChicago, available in the Android store for free, we’re all about access, and can say we’re doing our part to share information about vital resources.   Although we wish the city had more farmers markets in places considered food deserts, we do list the ones that many people probably don’t know exist and include hours of operation.   Seems like a small move, but more Farmers markets  accepting  SNAP/Food stamps could translate to heathier eating habits and better health outcomes.

In Chicago, there’s no desert of ideas…we just need to implement practical solutions faster and more effectively.


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