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December 16, 2011

Heartwarming Story about Puppies

This is not a post about puppies really.   But I thought I’d use them to provoke a conversation about Chicago and a topic that people don’t feel as endearing to the heart, the poor.   I’ve received at least 3 heartwarming videos  from friends, coworkers of puppies in peril rescued from ravines, pits, laboratories or reunited with owners after 7 years of separation and am happy at the millions of downloads. These downloads represent what’s great about all of us, our attention to a great story, an innocent infallible creature.   Change the headline however to Heartwarming story about the Poor and the downloads drop off a ravine.  Why is that?  

If only I could wrap puppy stories around ifinditchicago, I think we’d be able to help more people.   We are smart easy to use apps built to help enable anyone in need of vital services in Chicago find food pantries, homeless shelters and medical clinics for the uninsured.   This is not an app ‘just’ for the homeless, it’s for everyone.  According to Heartland Alliance 1 in 3 chicagoans is below the poverty line.   This not may be the case if you are walking down Michigan avenue but clearly the numbers have increased over so the 1 in 3 is increasingly your family member, coworker, friend who even might be struggling to feed his or her puppy!

With over 2500 listings including new resources like  single room occupancy hotels, ifinditchicago continuing to grow. In 2012, we’ll  will be rolling out a web based solution in address one of chicago’s biggest challenges, affordable housing.  

Ask us about it and if you’re involved in the housing debate, are a landlord, on a waiting list, endlessly searching for affordable housing, or involved with CHA, HUD or any other the usual suspects.