Homeless teens in Chicago at an all-time high

With the current economic state—high housing and low employment rates—it’s proving to be more and more difficult for those in troubled times to seek help and get back on their feet. The hardest hitting demographic of the dismal economy appears to be young adults—especially those without the financial or emotional support of a family. According to a story published on Chicagonewscoop.org , it is reported more than 10,000 teenagers were enrolled as homeless students in Chicago public schools this fall—a record high. 

As demand escalates, the state is facing its own economic hardships. Illinois is currently swimming in a $500 million budget deficit alongside billions of dollars in unpaid bills. In a recent story by the Huffington Post, it suggests governor Pat Quinn plans to cut the budgets of “nearly all state operations” including “human service programs” like homeless shelters and facilities (most of which are already struggling to stay financially afloat). 

 Although the realities may be discouraging, we believe 2012 could be a pivotal year. If this story resonates with you, we encourage you to take action.

**WE WANT YOU to share your support- spread the news, voice your opinion, and let our state officials realize that we need to preserve these vital programs!** 





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