iFind: Springfield

We’re heading to the capital, people! iFindit has been invited by Governor Quinn to be a guest at the State of the State address on Wednesday, February 1st in Springfield.  This is perfect timing because this sweet little mobile app built to help people find resources like food, shelter and medical care faster, is expanding to cover the state of Illinois.

iFindit plans to add more resources to the app on a state-wide basis and needs community partners to check the data on the application to ensure its correct.  This goes for both Chicago and state-wide non-profits. Since winning first place in the Apps for Metro Chicago contest, the creator and founder, Elizabeth Park received an influx of interest from community members both locally and nationally.

When 40% of people making less than $30,000 a year use smart phones to find information – this platform is key to reaching a demographic once ignored.   Mobile apps are becoming a critical way for low-income residents to have access to data.  Our ask to our Illinois NPOs:

1.) Send us your data

2.) Check up on your data.

iFindit is a small shop right now and very few people are doing some very good work.  We’d like for everyone to be able to use this tool.  But for now, it starts with self-made motivations from community partners.  From the city of Big Shoulders to the Land of Lincoln, we’re starting something Illinoisans.

Contact elizabeth@ifinditchicago.com


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