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January 4, 2012

2012–The year of the humanitarian

As we drift into the new year, we are confronted with a shopping list for self-improvement projects we like to call “new years resolutions.” Sitting at the top of most of these lists are commitments to go to the gym, to budget your money, and to spend more time with family—efforts aimed at ultimately becoming a much healthier, wealthier, happier person. And while these ideas sound great on paper, let’s get real: most resolutions are broken well before the year has ended.

So before you contract yourself to that yearlong gym membership, perhaps you should consider a resolution that can reap more, well, lasting results.

Our team at iFindit Chicago is passionate about volunteering and the value of giving, as most services we list depend on the generous contributions from everyday folk like you and me. Whether or not it made it on your list this time around, we hope volunteering is a goal you continue to resolve without the reminder of turning a new year.

Here are some sites and services in the local Chicago area where you can offer your time and/or resources (most of which are linked through our iFindit mobile app!):


Cornerstone Community Outreach –this center affords a variety of services to neighboring residents or individuals/families in the area without a home. From free clothing and meal plans to assistance with resume-writing, CCO aims “to raise the quality of life for low-income residents.” To inquire how you may help at CCO, visit

Greater Chicago Food Depository –a nonprofit food bank that prides itself in distributing to 678,000 adults each year, Greater Chicago Food Depository looks to continue their fight against hunger. To volunteer in their soup kitchen, visit

Christopher House –having five sites on Chicago’s north and west ends, Christopher House feeds, educates, and supports over 4,000 children and family members each year.

“Everyday, Christopher House volunteers make a tremendous impact on the lives of the children and families that we serve,” their website writes. If this interests you, visit for more information.

Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago –the Comer Children’s Hospital is one of the leading medical centers in the Chicago area. Volunteers at the site help to deliver mail or books to a child’s bedside, comfort families going through difficult times, and assist in games and activities organized for hospitalized children. To participate in their volunteering program, visit


**WE WANT TO KNOW: Would you be interested in downloading a mobile application that would match you with volunteering opportunities in your area? Let us know by commenting below!**